The 7 Keys to Mastering Any New Skill

Life is about continuously growing and learning something new each day. There is so much joy and excitement in life, so much to explore and discover. Everyone has unique gifts and talents, strengths and abilities.

Always remember that we ALL have the capability of learning new skills; whether simple or complex, for work or for leisure. Learning should be enjoyable.

Don’t ever forget this, You Are Good Enough.

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1) Always Ask Yourself ‘Why’ | Value provides Reason

When you understand in words ‘Why’ you want to achieve something, or learn something new, you’ll find more meaning and reason in your accomplishments. You’ll be further motivated to learn when there is Value in what you’re doing.

Utilize a notebook or computer to write down ‘Why’ this new skill will help you. Write down what this skill will allow you to accomplish and ‘Why’ it adds value to your life. It may be work related or for leisure.

2)  STOP Comparing Yourself to Others | You Are Valuable

Society has wrongfully taught us that if we do not measure up to the most talented and famous people, we’re just not good enough. But honestly, that is Not at all true. Everyone is different; we all have our own strengths and individual value. It’s also important to keep in mind, those that are incredibly talented did not start at the top. They also had to put in the time and effort to master their skill/s.

Yes, some people may learn things quicker than others. But once again, Stop comparing yourself to others. You should value, appreciate and learn from others, but don’t cut yourself short. You also have the ability to master just about any skill you would like. It just takes time, consistency, passion and dedication. You Are Valuable. You are Unique and you can achieve anything that you truly set your mind towards.

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3) Be Patient with Yourself | Learn at Your Own Pace

Ever feel like something is just impossible? Why do we feel this way at times?

The main reason is that we are too hard on ourselves. We sometimes expect instant results. Keep in mind that learning should be done in steps.

When you first start learning something new, it may be difficult, but it will get easier and more familiar in time. Do not let a challenge discourage you. Anything new to us, takes time to adapt to and understand. Patience is a virtue. When you learn to be patient with yourself, you’ll find you may be better at something than you thought. When you eliminate unnecessary stress, you’re able to focus better. Learn to appreciate yourself. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes along the way. Value the process of learning at your own pace.

4) Track Your Growth & Progress | Write Down Your Goals 

It’s important to track your growth and progress. Learning a new skill may take more or less time than someone else, but only focus on YOU. Write down your goals, growth, challenges and achievements each day/week.

You can either use bullet points, columns or whichever method of organization works for you. Literally make a list of your goals each week. Also make a list of your challenges and achievements each week. Being able to visually see where your strengths and weaknesses lie, allow you to target specific areas to focus on.

The more time you spend understanding yourself, the quicker you’ll be able to master the process of learning. Always do what works for YOU.

5) Practice with Consistency | Achievement is Dedication

Being your Best is the true ideal for being ‘perfect’. If you want to master a new skill, you must be consistent. No matter if you’re learning a program at work, a new task for school, a new fitness technique, or learning to play an instrument, etc. mastering your talent/craft takes consistency. Set aside time each day to practice/work on your desired skill.

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6) Appreciate YOU| Be Kind to Yourself

At the end of the day, make sure to be happy with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Speak kindly to yourself. You should be your number one supporter. Positive self-thought and self-talk provides inspiration and happiness. Always ask yourself: Would you be friends with you, if you talked to others the way that you talked to yourself? Value YOU.

7) Relax | Enjoy the Learning Process

Breathe. Stop over-thinking and over-analyzing. Just enjoy the learning process. Learning truly is an amazing human ability. We can start from having little knowledge or experience, but with time and dedication we can master just about any skill. When you’ve conquered your goals and ‘mastered’ your desired skill, be thankful. Be thankful towards yourself and for your life. Choose to learn and grow with every experience. Keep your head up and your mind positive. Anything is Possible.