Please let me prove to you why my life is worth saving

Hello everyone,

I need your help. Saving my life literally comes down to the funding. I never imagined my life would come this. But at this point, this Gofundme is still my last hope.
I’m not ready for my life to end.

**Please watch my update video**
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My QEEG Diagnostics proving my severe disorders are included in my Facebook album (titled: QEEG Diagnostics) & in my recent Instagram post.

Thalamocortical Dysrhythmia is similar to MS (Multiple Sclerosis).
Please donate, anything helps, even $5. If you have already donated, thank you deeply. If you’re unable to donate, please help spread the word.

I know if we can spread the word to enough people, I can make it through this. 

There is so much that I could do to help others if I had my health.

Please continue to help spread the word. Please help me to get my story out there. 

Thank you,


My life before chronic illness (2011/2012):

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