Brooke’s Last Hope For Help

Hello everyone,

I have been absent from the internet for 5+ years. So here is what is going on: I have severe, disabling chronic illnesses that have kept me bed-rested/wheelchair bound. This is the most difficult thing to have to share, but I don’t know what else to do at this point.

And I need your help. I have nowhere else to turn for help, and this Gofundme is my last hope.

So here is what is going on: I had to leave my living environment, it was EXTREMELY unhealthy and unstable and I had to get out of there to protect my life/survival (please watch the updated video). I was living with some family members, and for reasons I won’t get into here, I can’t depend on them any longer. 

I am currently staying at an extended stay hotel (at an extended stay rate), and I am living off my debt (credit cards/line of credit) and I am making my minimum credit card payments from my line of credit. I have no financial resources for myself, whatsoever. And I am running out of time, within about 2 weeks, I will have nowhere else to go – credit maxes out.
Further, I have been fighting the Disability process since 2014, and it got denied AGAIN, even at the hearing level. The system is extremely brutal and difficult especially when you’re “young”, and your disabilities are complicated (even with extensive QEEG diagnostics proving all of my chronic illnesses, and support from all of my treating physicians). I have STILL been denied repetitively (please watch the updated video)
So what I am really needing right now is enough funding to get into a SAFE apartment with a live-in caregiver (For clarification, low income housing isn’t guaranteed and outside of my time period).

Because I have no form of income, the apartments require at least about 6 months-1year worth of funding in my bank account to be allowed to rent an apartment. 

I also will need a live-in caregiver, because I cannot care for myself and I need constant help with the most basic living essentials, including: shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving and taking me to doctors appointments, etc. I will also be needing basic living essentials.
I have several major chronic illnesses including: a severe neurological disorder called Thalamocortical Dysrhythmia (diagnosed by my neuropsychologist & neurology team), chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), fibromyalgia, small fiber peripheral neuropathy, endometriosis, autoimmune dysfunction, abnormal seizures etc – all diagnosed by my treating physicians. I am also wheelchair-bound.

Please click these links here to read further about my chronic illnesses
Read about my chronic illnesses 

“Thalamocortical dysrhythmia (TCD) has been proposed as the underlying mechanism of chronic neuropathic pain and other disorders (Llinás et al.,1999, 2005; Schulman et al., 2005, 2011). TCD in chronic pain is characterized by abnormal oscillatory activity in the form of increased spectral power and a dominant peak shifted towards a lower frequency.”

Read about my chronic illnesses 
Throughout my life, I have always had health issues, but I was able to take care of myself and work. Now I can’t (since 2013). I lost my freedom, my independence, and my entire life completely changed after my health took a turn for the worst.
Prior to living in bed (beginning 2013), after a malpractice neck manipulation injury (where my body just gave up at this point), I took care of myself and did everything myself. Because of this, I had the ability to mostly escape my living environment. 

Because of my living environment, my goal was ALWAYS to escape. I had a job since I was 12 years old (I had a babysitting job). I worked multiple jobs throughout high school & multiple jobs throughout college, until I was 24 years old and I became chronically ill; I couldn’t work any longer and could no longer take care of myself. 

After being disabled for the past 5+ years, my living environment hit a breaking point. I had to get away. And as I mentioned, I’ve been paying for my extended stay hotel with credit, but now I am out of time in 2 weeks.
I have nowhere else to turn and this GoFundMe is my last option. In the next 2 weeks, I will have nowhere to live! 
I know what I’m capable of, if I had my health and I know what I can do in this world.

But without the financial support, without the financial resources, my body cannot survive, I cannot survive.
I need your help getting my story out there and I cannot do this alone. I need your help spreading the word. 

Any donation would be so deeply helpful and any donation would be so deeply appreciated.

My goal is to get better, to be Healthy, Fit & Strong so that I can help others. There’s so much that I know I could be doing to help others and make a positive impact in this world. 

Without the success of this campaign my body cannot make it through this.

Thank you all so deeply for taking the time to be here.
((Photos before chronic illness 2011/2012))