The Power of Passionate Goal Setting

What are you Passionate about doing and ‘Why’? What makes you Happy and ‘Why’? These are two vital questions that we all must ask ourselves.

Passion is essential for long-term success and overall happiness. But here’s the other flip of the coin: in order to achieve long-term success, you must not only be passionate but of course dedicated as well. Perseverance and hard work will help you achieve this long-term stability and continuous success over time.

Passionate goal setting is the true fuel for success!

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Perseverance without Passion | A goal setter with No Passion

If you want to reach a certain salary or standing in a company, for example, you could dedicate yourself to working hard to achieve this money value or image. But honestly, over time, most people will get burned out. Unless there is a deeper reason than money driving this hard work, they will eventually lose this dedication. As human beings, we are driven by what we feel, and achievement is something that should mean something to us. Passion for your achievement is vital for long-term success.

Have you considered ‘Why’ people reach that ‘mid-life crisis’? It’s often times because they re-question their actions and paths in life, as well as its meaning. Everyone has a passion and purpose, and it’s important to think about what legacy you’d like to leave behind. Passion for your goals will allow you to be more satisfied and happy with your achievements and life as a whole. But no matter how old you are, it’s Never too late to re-evaluate and re-establish your goals. Life is too wonderful to be anything less than our Best by allowing ourselves to truly enjoy our lives.

Passion without Perseverance | Passion with No Goal Setting

There are many people today that get caught up in an idea, with no plan of action to make it happen. It could be a great idea, but if you do not have specific goals set for yourself, this passion will go to waste in the long-term.

Make sure you utilize your passions and skills. Work hard at doing what you love, but also understand how important it is to be dedicated and a goal setter.

Learn the power of goal setting. Learn how to focus step by step on each individual goal that you set for yourself. But most importantly: Write Down Your Goals. When you have your goals written down on paper, they become more achievable; you can visually see what you want. Once you see what you want, you can create steps (small goals) that lead you in the right direction. Small goals are building blocks towards your overall ultimate, or long-term goals.

And who knows, your goals can change and adapt over time. But that is completely ok. As we grow, our ideas and creativity grow stronger. Or maybe your ultimate idea of success was actually as you had pictured it. In either case, keeping a list of written goals, daily/weekly will help you to fully achieve and utilize your potential.

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Passion + Perseverance | Passion and Goal Setting

When you are both Passionate and Dedicated to achieving your goals, it’s almost an unstoppable force. Those that understand and utilize the power of goal setting can achieve high set goals. They understand that achievement is a continuous process and long-term success is consistent dedication.

Further, the main reason people are able to consistently dedicate themselves goal after goal, is because they truly ENJOY what they are doing. They know what they are passionate for, and they feel that they have a purpose in life and as a person as a whole.

Another Key Tip to Success | FOCUS and minimize stress

Ever feel overwhelmed by your day ahead? Even when you have your goals and schedule written down, sometimes it may seem that there is so much to be done. BUT, here’s the key: FOCUS on your current activity.

When you’re working on a project, focus on that project. When you’re in a meeting, be in that meeting~don’t let your thoughts wander, stay focused. When you’re working-out, clear your mind and work out! When you’re having dinner with a friend, put away your phone and enjoy quality time with that person.

The list goes on, but the key to minimizing stress, is to focus on each given task. You’ll realize you actually have much more time than you think. Giving your full energy and attention to each goal during the day, will increase your potential and effort. When you finish one task, you can move forward on to the next. Of course, there may always be that exceptional phone call, text, or email you need to respond to, etc. And yes, there is always a time and place for multitasking; some jobs may require multitasking. But in general, plan ahead and Stay Focused.

Respect is Essential in ALL Forms of Communication

Miscommunication is one of the biggest human weaknesses. We miscommunicate: what we think, what we feel, what we want, and truly Why we Act the way we do.

Not only this, but have you stopped to consider why we are often so defensive and resistant towards others? It is often times because we’re afraid of being judged by others. We’re afraid of being: judged, talked down to, or feeling ‘stupid’ by the things that we say, etc.

But have you asked, ‘Why’?

When we go about asking ‘Why’, we must always go to the source/the core reason. The core reason ‘Why’ we miscommunicate with each other is because often times there is a lack of Respect. By this I mean, everyone has a different point of view and of course you’re not going to agree with everyone. But it’s important to hear each other out when we speak, and respect what each other has to say. Maybe you’d even find validity in their reasoning, and come to some compromise and understanding on the issue at hand. But you’ll never gain this opportunity, unless you Listen first.

If we learned to Listen and then Respond, we would not only be more open to explaining how we feel, but we’d be more honest and comfortable sharing our opinions.

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Amongst family members, it’s vital to have mutual respect. Parents should teach their children to respect them as parents. But they should also show respect towards their children. For example, children, especially as they grow older, will form opinions of their own. As a parent, be sure to hear out what your son or daughter has to say. They may even teach you something. But vise versa, if you show and teach your children the value of respect, they will also be more respectful towards You as a parent. Respect amongst siblings is vital as well. Learn to communicate and love one another. Be open, honest and help each other. Stop competing. Family should be there to support and Help You.


Amongst friends, be sure to show respect towards each other. Even when picking a place to hang out for the night, or what movie to watch, be respectful. Don’t make fun of one another and try to make each other feel ‘stupid’. Don’t compete with your friends, instead Help each other and give support to one another. The more open you are to showing care towards each other, the more loyal and trustworthy relationship you will have. Also, you both will be more open to seek advice from one another and tell how you feel.


In relationships, one main reason that we are not open with sharing how we truly feel is because there is that Lack of Respect. We’re afraid to share our thoughts and feelings with our partners because we’re afraid of being judged. But for any relationship to truly last, there should be open communication and respect given and received from Both Sides. The more respect and care that is shown, the better they will be able to share their deepest feelings and emotions. Of course, this is not the only reason why relationships may not be strong, but it is a core center that can help influence/improve other issues.


In business relationships and work environments, it’s also essential to show respect towards each other. When you’re having a conversation with a co-worker, listen to what one another has to say. Not only Listen, but also genuinely seek to Understand the point the other person is trying to make. Hear each other out and then Respond. Keep the terms: Listen, Understand, and Respond in mind when sharing ideas with each other. If you don’t understand the point the other person is trying to make, keep asking questions. It will further show your interest and care.

Exception to Every Rule

There is an exception to Every Rule. We Should Go Against what someone has to say if: they are causing harm to others or to themselves. In this case, you have the right to speak up in opposition. But consider this: if you showed Kindness and Respect towards someone with a negative mindset, and showed that you actually did care, maybe this person would be better influenced/receptive to hear out your point of view.

For example, this could be an extreme case such as suicide or a situation where someone continuously picks fights with one’s siblings/parents/friends, etc. The more genuine you are when reaching out to help someone, the more receptive they will be in Listening to You. Also, the main reason why people act out and are mean/rude to others: is because they are unhappy or insecure themselves. It is almost like a cry for help without specifically asking. Be genuine, seek to understand and show that you truly care.

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Ultimately, it’s important to realize that as human beings, we just want to be Loved and Cared for. AND showing genuine care and respect will allow people to communicate more effectively. We’ll be able to let down our walls and defense mechanisms and be true/genuine with each other. Of course, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, but do your best to be understanding towards others. Always keep in mind the Value of Respect.

At the end of the day, Not everyone is going to have this mindset and show respect towards one another. But YOU can be the one to set a good example and show Respect towards others. You can be the one to make this positive change in your mindset and communication.

Further, it is important to closely associate and surround yourself with Great people that also Respect, Love and Value You. But when you do interact with New People, be sure to communicate with Respect, Kindness, Understanding and Care.

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